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” Die kleine Zeitmaschine gives a new lease of life to reclaimed furniture, being the “time machine” in their journey from the forgotten past into a promising future.”

 ― Carolina Isfer, Furniture Artist


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Welcome to Die kleine Zeitmaschine! I am glad you are here. I am Carolina Isfer, an architect, city designer and furniture artist that swapped a busy corporate lifestyle in Melbourne, Australia for a quieter and more rewarding life in Germany with my husband and our two boys. We arrived in Europe at the beginning of 2020, and in this unusual year, I discovered a talent and passion for furniture upcycling. 


I have always been fascinated by the transformative power of paint and colour. It is incredible how it can completely shift the soul of an old piece of furniture giving it the chance to be loved again, isn’t it? It is almost like the furniture travels in time to a brand-new life! 

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